Monday, August 16, 2010

久しぶりに型染をやった!Katazome - Applying Resist Paste

Last week I finally got all the ingredients and supplies ready to start doing a bit of Katazome again. Yay! I made the resist paste and after refrigerating it overnight, had a go at printing a small piece.
The set-up in the backyard.
With my stencil taped down on top of the fabric, here I am starting to squeegee on the resist paste
Finishing, making sure all the gaps are covered and the paste is even

The big reveal! removing the stencil carefully.
Filling in a gap (called a 'bridge') with paste and my fingers.
 After that, I stretched the fabric over an old canvas frame to dry. Next step...dyeing!

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  1. Wow, I am happy to find you! Isn't katazome just magical? Wish I could have seen the Inagaki exhibit. Hope I did not miss it when I was in Japan this spring. I saw plenty of other marvels, however.